Hilton Hing | Tour Guide

About the owner:

Hilton Hing is a native Hawaiian, born and raised on the island of Hawaii. In the Fall 2012, he graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a B.A. in Travel Industry Management and an emphasis in Tourism and Transportation. He enjoys fishing, nature, spending time with family, and eating all types of food. “I really enjoy seafood, but I don’t have a favorite dish. It all depends on what I’m craving.”

What made you want to start this company?

Hilton comes from a family of 10, which explains the family-oriented, community vibe of HiStyle Tours. “Being from these islands and growing up in a big family, I recognize that there is a vital Kuleana (responsibility) of perpetrating our culture and aloha for our home Hawaii, to our extended Ohana (family),” he says. He hopes to share his love for the islands to his customers, and make HiStyle Tours a memorable experience for all.

What we do:

We specialize in custom private tours around the Big Island and based on your requests and needs as our client. Our friendly and experienced native Hawaiian guide will show you around his home of the Aloha State for an unique tour where you will be treated like family. Sit back and let us show you what makes HiStyle Tours different!

Why we are different:

*We value local culture because Hawaii is our home. We believe that what is engrained in that child from birth is to share mana’o (knowledge) gained and passed down from our ancestors. The focus is to preserve, protect and educate.

*Native Hawaiian tour guide with experience and knowledge of the Big Island, who treats you as family.

*Over 10 years touring experience.

* We give you suggestions based on your personality, and you tell us what you prefer.  The tour is about you!

*Joint adventure private tours only upon request or approval of conjoining parties

*Flexibility on pick-up and drop-off time and site

*Help/suggestions on further planning for your vacation

*Eat where and what you want to eat. We accommodate allergies, food dislikes, or any preference of restaurants on our “foodie” trips.